Investment Philosophy

Target investments that can generate strong returns with an adequate margin of safety

  • Individual securities can and do significantly deviate away from their fair value.
  • Potential to generate strong risk-adjusted returns by investing in select securities at opportune times.

Aim to hold a high conviction, concentrated portfolio

  • Only invest in a compelling opportunity, otherwise hold cash.
  • Prefer to invest heavily in a small number of high conviction opportunities, than invest small amounts in a large number of less compelling investments.

Invest based on fundamental analysis

  • Bottom up stock selection, focusing on the fundamentals of individual companies rather than market trends.
  • Conduct extensive proprietary research with a focus on:
  • Board and management

    track record, skin in the game

  • Credit risk

    gearing, debt profile, interest coverage

  • Earnings

    free cash flows including timing and likelihood, margins, payout ratio, growth potential

  • Valuation

    multiples, discounted cash flow analysis, break-up value

  • Competition

    market share, industry position, sensible market operating